Subject New IBO Vtree in the Files area. [was:] [IBO] Helen, can you upload the source of IBO infobase?
Author Kaputnik
Well, before pestering Helen to do it, I did take a look myself, and it was
basically changing two fucntion declarations into procedures, changing a few
proc-declarations and separating design-time and run-time.

I uploaded the stuff to the file-are on yahoogroups. It is intended for D6,
but should compile also under D5. The inlcuded packages are for D6 and IBO4,
but removing the imported packages and compiling should do for D5 and/or
IBO3.6 I hope.

Warn you, I did only modify and compile, not test. I would be happy if
someone could thest that thing and report back if it works, so I can forward
the changes to Mike Lischke to be directly included in the VTree


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> > >are you aware, that some list member already ported the
> > VirtualTreeview
> > >into an IBVTree, which should run without too much modifications with
> > >the latest VTree sources (Available in this lists file-area)? Rather
> > >than trying to reprogram it, you could modify it and post an updated
> > >version.I did never used it myself (although I use VTree Itself in
> > >almost every app of mine), but afaik, it uses a TIB_Query,
> > not TIBO, and
> > >should be rather straightforward to use.
> >
> Last week I downloaded the VT pack from Mike's Site. But the IBO_VT
> contained in this pack is very outdated (February 2001) and does not even
> compile with the base VT contained in the pack. I mailed the author (Paul
> Gallagher) about this but did not get any answer until now.
> Heri Bender
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