Subject RE: [IBO] Helen, can you upload the source of IBO infobase?
Author Bender Heri
> >are you aware, that some list member already ported the
> VirtualTreeview
> >into an IBVTree, which should run without too much modifications with
> >the latest VTree sources (Available in this lists file-area)? Rather
> >than trying to reprogram it, you could modify it and post an updated
> >version.I did never used it myself (although I use VTree Itself in
> >almost every app of mine), but afaik, it uses a TIB_Query,
> not TIBO, and
> >should be rather straightforward to use.

Last week I downloaded the VT pack from Mike's Site. But the IBO_VT
contained in this pack is very outdated (February 2001) and does not even
compile with the base VT contained in the pack. I mailed the author (Paul
Gallagher) about this but did not get any answer until now.

Heri Bender