Subject Re: [IBO] Inventory
Author GK
Just wondering whether I understand what will become a hotspot in FB.

Of course it is application specific. If there is an application with say 5 items only but with hundreds of users pounding out transactions on these 5 items the
scheme of having a trigger updating the current stock will definetely cause a hot spot.

However In a typical invetory application. There are many hundreds of items so each user is possibly making a entry for a different item. So the Trigger will be
updating current stock for a different record in the same table. Would this also cause a hotspot and slow down data entry. ? Just curious.

If yes then I may need to redesign some of my applications


At 06/03/02 11:48:00 AM, you wrote:
>It is important that you avoid hotspots.
>I would maintain an inventory impact table and use triggers to feed that.
>Then, I would have a service application that would roll the impact records
>into the actual inventory records. This way you have one single process
>responsible for keeping the inventory up to date.
>I'm sure there are some other kinks but this should give you a few things to
>think about.
>Jason Wharton
>CPS - Mesa AZ