Subject Re: [IBO] Helen, can you upload the source of IBO infobase?
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 02:41 PM 04-03-02 +0000, Marco Menardi wrote:

>What's it? where can I find it?
>(If it's that at:
>it's free for non commercial use, so you can release your code and anyone
>interested can download it).

No, it's nothing like that. It is one of a suite of data-aware components
originally owned and marketed by RSD Components, a team of two Swedish(?)
guys. I had the source to the D3 version and simply fixed it up myself for
subsequent Delphi versions.

A couple of years ago, RSD sold these components to DevExpress, they did
some things to them and now market them as ExpressDBTree Suite at $200 with
source, $170 without.

As to releasing my source code, well, it's pretty ordinary Delphi
programming, no magic tricks. You can look at the source for the GSG
screen shots (downloadable from the TechInfo page) which includes a similar
style of interface (without treeviews) for the early stages of the IBook
project's main form.

> > Jason has suggested that I think about making an off-line
> > version of the FAQ app and that we make this and the database available as
> > a resource.
>Oh, it would be *very* usefull indeed! In the file section I've uploaded a
>program that, with a database from another IBO user, let you search a list
>archive. I use it often, since for me internet connection is not so
>available. So you would do a great thing with a local FAQ (also producing
>a database with this list messages... sorry, I don't know how to do it by
>myself... I could rewrite the front-end, if you want...)

I have code to extract list messages into a database but I find them pretty
useless for organising into an FAQ. I use (selectively) postings from the
list but I edit them rigorously and often combine two or three messages in
one IBOBase item. There's nothing to stop others from doing the list
thing, it's just something that (for me) is an unproductive use of time.

>Uhm... sounds good for a new IB_ component to add to the palette ;)

Possibly...although one observation I've made about treeviews is that they
use a lot of Windows resources. TDBExplorer is a great comp and I love
working with it, but you should see all of those FOR loops and locates in
the data interface. Because it uses TQuery (TIBOQuery) there is a *lot* of
noise in the data layer. Where I would want to go with this component is
to get it out of the TDataset machinery and have it using ib_cursors and
IB_dsqls for those expensive recursive operations.

Really, the way I thought I would go was with Mike Lischke's
TVirtualTreeView, but I have to catch up with him and get his latest source.

Anyway, rest assured, if I evolve a satisfactory component, I *will* share
it. But someone else might do a better job, sooner than I, which would be
even better. :))

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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