Subject Re: [IBO] Helen, can you upload the source of IBO infobase?
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/03/2002 10:41 AM, you wrote:

>What's it? where can I find it?
>(If it's that at:
>it's free for non commercial use, so you can release your code and anyone
>interested can
>download it).

No it's not. I found it on Torry's Page, but it dates back to 1998 and
mentions support up to Delphi 3 and shareware. I tried to find their
website, since it wasn't mentioned on Torry's Page and I found a reference
to it ( The only problem is that the web site seems
to be down and I can't ping it at all and there's not DNS reference
either. So, I'm wondering if they still exists!

Helen, can you confirm that they still exist.

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