Subject RE: [IBO] Helen, can you upload the source of IBO infobase?
Author Kaputnik

are you aware, that some list member already ported the VirtualTreeview
into an IBVTree, which should run without too much modifications with
the latest VTree sources (Available in this lists file-area)? Rather
than trying to reprogram it, you could modify it and post an updated
version.I did never used it myself (although I use VTree Itself in
almost every app of mine), but afaik, it uses a TIB_Query, not TIBO, and
should be rather straightforward to use.


Nick Josipovic

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> >Uhm... sounds good for a new IB_ component to add to the palette ;)
> Possibly...although one observation I've made about treeviews is that
> use a lot of Windows resources. TDBExplorer is a great comp and I
> working with it, but you should see all of those FOR loops and locates
> the data interface. Because it uses TQuery (TIBOQuery) there is a
> of
> noise in the data layer. Where I would want to go with this component
> to get it out of the TDataset machinery and have it using ib_cursors
> IB_dsqls for those expensive recursive operations.
> Really, the way I thought I would go was with Mike Lischke's
> TVirtualTreeView, but I have to catch up with him and get his latest
> source.
> Anyway, rest assured, if I evolve a satisfactory component, I *will*
> it. But someone else might do a better job, sooner than I, which
would be
> even better. :))