Subject CtrlGrid usage
Author Lele Gaifax
Hi all,

I have to show a series of images, and CtrlGrid seemed a natural
choice. The problem is that in the DB there is just the pathname of
the image as a varchar(128), not the blob of image itself. I did hope
that CtrlGrid's OnPaintPanel was up to the job, basically performing a
image1.Picture.LoadFromFile(qry.BufferFields.ByName ('IMG'.asString),
where image1 is a TImage embedded in the grid's panel. I obtained
strange results, varying from seeing the very same image on all the
panels, to nothing at all.

Is it at all possible to embed non-IBO controls in CtrlGrid? Is there
a way to use a TIB_Image instead? I tried to add a BLOB as computed
field, doing a AField.LoadFromFile in the OnCalc event, but it raised
an exception...

thanx a lot,
bye, lele.
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