Subject HDR and a global NOCASE-setting
Normally when you want a global NOCASE-setting for your text-fields in
your app, you have 2 possibilities:
- use IB_Connection.DefaultNoCase
- use IB_Connection.FieldEntryType:=[fetDomainName] and set in
IB_Connection.ColumnAttributes My_Text_Domain=NOCASE
But both ways doesn't work with HDR, for example, when you use locate,
HDR and one of the options above, you don't get the right results. Jason
has tried to explain the reason to me, but I didn't understand it :-)

Now I'm looking for another way to get a global NOCASE-setting for my
text-fields, that work with HDR.
At the moment I need the NOCASE-attribute only for those text-fields,
that are linked with a IB_LookupCombo. Because I use my own derived
component from IB_LookupCombo, perhaps there could be chance.
Any ideas are appreciated.