Subject Re: [IBO] tib_grid changing ordering column and current record
Author Lucas Franzen
stanw1950 schrieb:
> My tib_query for the tib_grid has two ordering items (fielda and
> fieldb) with their corresponding ordering links. Both fields are
> indexes in the table, but neither is the primary key. When I run the
> program and switch the ordering column from fielda (orderingitemno=1)
> to fieldb the current record stays the same, but when I switch from
> fieldb (orderingitemno=2) to fielda, the current record changes. I
> don't want it to change. What can I do to insure that the current
> record always remains the same no matter what column is made the
> ordering column?

set the RefreshAction of the IB_Query to raKeepDataPos. Default is