Subject tib_grid changing ordering column and current record
Author stanw1950
My tib_query for the tib_grid has two ordering items (fielda and
fieldb) with their corresponding ordering links. Both fields are
indexes in the table, but neither is the primary key. When I run the
program and switch the ordering column from fielda (orderingitemno=1)
to fieldb the current record stays the same, but when I switch from
fieldb (orderingitemno=2) to fielda, the current record changes. I
don't want it to change. What can I do to insure that the current
record always remains the same no matter what column is made the
ordering column?

Also, if there are two or more ordering items, is the query first
ordered by the first ordering item, then the second ordering item,
and so on, or is it just ordered by the current columne to the
current orderingitemno?

Thanks in advance (D6, ibo4.2.Fr).

Stan Walker