Subject Problem with a create database script
Author Heri
Hi all,

I am new on this list.

My problem is: My script to create and populate a new DB runs fine in WISQL, but executed by TIB_Script there is a problem with this statement:

execute procedure NewKoerperschaftKategorie 'OpenSource Team';

The error I get is (translated from OnError parameters):

ErrorCode: 335544358
SQLCode: -901

ISC Fehlernummer:335544358
ISC Fehlermeldung:
message length error (encountered 0, expected 8)
TIB_DSQL: "<TIB_Script>.<TIB_DSQL>."


SQL Fehlernummer:-901
SQL Fehlermeldung:
Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude successful execution of subsequent statements

/* Master login inserts: */
/* ********************* */
execute procedure NewKoerperschaftKategorie 'OpenSource Team'

Three questions:

A. What can cause this incompatibility WISQL <-> TIB_Script ?
B. How to call this procedure correctly in IBO? Is it possible?
C. The procedure has a _result value_ (the ID of the new Lookup-Entry) which is ignored in my script I tried to make a test scenario with no result declaration -> this seems to work in IBO script. If this is the real problem, how can I declare global variables in a script to receive result values?


Heri Bender

IBO 4.2.Fr / WISQL 5.5 / D5 Pro

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