Subject Re: [IBO] Data of IB_GRID to Word, Excel, TXT, ...
Author pepmallorca
> The ideal solution would be to have an ExportX variation designed to
> work with TIB_* components. The interface to TIB_Dataset is
> sufficiently similar to TDataset that this would probably be fairly
> easy to do. Is ExportX open source??

I send an e-mail to ask about it. I hope they answer me. I'll give
you the information when I know it.

> There are two other possibilities...
> 1. Return to IBOQuery and DBGrid.

If there is not another possibility I'll do it. I had like the
IB_Query. It seems more potent that IBOQuery (for example for
relations master-detail)

> 2. Continue to use IB_Query and IB_Grid, but when it comes to export
> dynamically create an IBOQuery and use the AssignSQLWithSearch
> to copy the details of the IB_Query...
> IBOQuery1.AssignSQLWithSearch( IB_Query1 );
> and then perform the export from your temporary IBOQuery.
> This would not be very efficient for large datasets (since all the
> data must be refetched from the server for the new temporary query),
> but it does let you have your cake and eat it too :-)

The EXPORT component exports GRIDs and Tables, I don't know if it
will be a solution.

Maybe I'll have to create the IBOQuery, simulate an GRID and then do
the EXPORT. I think it's a little difficult for me... I hope I can
do it.

> > 2) Someone knows another component compatible with IBOBJECTS to
> > export the information of a IB_GRID to TXT, WORD, EXCEL... (HTML
> > not important), or any way to do it.
> I dont know of any IBO native component that will export to Word,
> Excel etc.

Ohhhhh !!!!

> I just did some searching on the net, I am guessing that you are
> talking about the components from

Yes, this is the Web page