Subject Data of IB_GRID to Word, Excel, TXT, ...
Author pepmallorca
Hello everybody !!!

I'm testing IBOBJECTS about which is the best way to work for me. I
had found in IB_QUERY and IB_GRID a good combination. Easy to do
master-detail operations, navigate...

PROBLEM!!! When I was using Interbase (without IBOBJECTS), I used an
fabulous component EXPORTX to export the information of a grid to
EXCEL, WORD, TXT, HTML... It was perfect.

Now with the new IB_GRID I can't use this component, Any solution?

1) I can use the IBOQUERY component, but I think IB_QUERY is more

2) Someone knows another component compatible with IBOBJECTS to
export the information of a IB_GRID to TXT, WORD, EXCEL... (HTML is
not important), or any way to do it.

Thank you,