Subject Re: [IBO] Data of IB_GRID to Word, Excel, TXT, ...
Author TeamIBO
> PROBLEM!!! When I was using Interbase (without IBOBJECTS), I used an
> fabulous component EXPORTX to export the information of a grid to
> EXCEL, WORD, TXT, HTML... It was perfect.

> Now with the new IB_GRID I can't use this component, Any solution?

The ideal solution would be to have an ExportX variation designed to
work with TIB_* components. The interface to TIB_Dataset is
sufficiently similar to TDataset that this would probably be fairly
easy to do. Is ExportX open source??

There are two other possibilities...

1. Return to IBOQuery and DBGrid.

2. Continue to use IB_Query and IB_Grid, but when it comes to export
dynamically create an IBOQuery and use the AssignSQLWithSearch method
to copy the details of the IB_Query...

IBOQuery1.AssignSQLWithSearch( IB_Query1 );

and then perform the export from your temporary IBOQuery.

This would not be very efficient for large datasets (since all the
data must be refetched from the server for the new temporary query),
but it does let you have your cake and eat it too :-)

> 2) Someone knows another component compatible with IBOBJECTS to
> export the information of a IB_GRID to TXT, WORD, EXCEL... (HTML is
> not important), or any way to do it.

I dont know of any IBO native component that will export to Word,
Excel etc.

I just did some searching on the net, I am guessing that you are
talking about the components from

I notice that they have a component called TExportCustomData, it may
be that you can use that component to interface with TIB_Query.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing