Subject Altering values in search mode
Author Luiz
I have a date column 'BIRTHDATE' (Dialect 3) where I save birthday of
The user enter the date of birth in a other column and on triggers I fill
the column 'BIRTHDATE' always with the day and month of the date of birth
just entered and the year=400.

I have a query where I use the search mode to do many others types of
search, including birthdate.

When entered in search mode the user can fill the day and month in a
tib_edit and after press a post button, I'd like to fill the year=400 in
background. Otherwise, the query will not execute the post correctly to
found the result set.

Is there a way to modify the values to be searched to this
column("BIRTDATE") before the search is performed?

If not, does someone has some suggestion about column type to store birthday
that work with IBO search mode?