Subject lookup-combo
Author admforum

I just spend this whole morning (CET) trying to figure out why a
lookupcombo doesn't seem to work.

I've used it before and it worked flawlessly.

This time the combobox gets filled up with the values of the lookup-
qry (so that's OK). But if I walk through the 'main' dataset, the
lookup-combo keeps displaying the same value (it should change
according to the values in the main dataset) and if I insert/update
the main dataset the color of the lookup-combo doesn't change
(colorscheme property is TRUE)and changing the value of the combo
doesn't alter the FK column of the main dataset.

What can be the reason for the behaviour? I understand de principles
of the lookup combo, used it before succesfully so I'm probably
overlooking something this time but can't seem to get it.....

Please, give me some hints :-)