Subject Re: [IBO] lookup-combo
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:04 AM 11-02-02 +0000, Remco wrote:
>I just spend this whole morning (CET) trying to figure out why a
>lookupcombo doesn't seem to work.
>I've used it before and it worked flawlessly.
>This time the combobox gets filled up with the values of the lookup-
>qry (so that's OK). But if I walk through the 'main' dataset, the
>lookup-combo keeps displaying the same value (it should change
>according to the values in the main dataset) and if I insert/update
>the main dataset the color of the lookup-combo doesn't change
>(colorscheme property is TRUE)and changing the value of the combo
>doesn't alter the FK column of the main dataset.

Have you set the Keysource and KeyLinks properties? (remember, dual keylinks in lookup datasets...)

If you have a FK relationship from the main dataset, pointing to the PK of the lookup dataset, do these two columns match for datatype?

Is this FK in the main dataset being used for any other relationship, e.g. a join? If so, are the keylinks of the main dataset 100% unique?

If the main dataset is a single table, what kind of primary key does it have? Is it, for example, a composite involving the FK that points to the lookup set?

Are you using KeyDescLinks at all?

Are you using JoinLinks at all?

fwiw, I didn't know that the ColorScheme property would transfer to the lookupcombo, since the lookupcombo itself doesn't go into dssEdit or dssInsert...did it happen that way for you before?

>Please, give me some hints :-)


Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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