Subject Re: [IBO] Etiquette
Author TeamIBO
>>Please don't use reply and then change the subject line for new
>>topics. This makes the message get threaded under the message from
>>which you replied and hides it from view in newsgroups and when
>>using threading in the email client.
>>For new topics always start a new message.
> I receive the digest. I have just used the above technique for this
> contribution. Confirm that it is wrong, and I'll undertake not to do
> it again.

Your message appears on its own - apparently as a new topic - in my
email client (The Bat!). I am guessing it works this way because my
email archive does not contain the digest message - nothing to thread

I would point out that - by using the digest - you are actually
experiencing the opposite probem. You messages always appear as new
topic even when responding to a previous message. For example your
prior post: "[IBO] Re: How to improve performance of IBO." is not
being threaded either - which makes it more difficult to see the rest
of the thread to which you were responding. At least your posts are
not getting lost amongst the previous messages.

There is probably not much can be done about that - other than perhaps
using the newsgroup mirror. Otherwise make sure (as you already do)
that you quote enough of the previous message (without getting carried
away and quoting everything) to make it easy to see the context.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing