Subject Re: [IBO] Post in TIB_Edit OnEnter/OnExit Events blocks input
Author Lukas Zeller
Thanks Andreas and Geoff for the suggestions.
I'll try it this way and let you know if it works.

At 11:02 +1100 11.2.2002, you, Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO) wrote:
> > Probably this setup is basically evil, so the question is generally:
>> How to archieve that changes get posted (and results made visible)
> > when user focuses another control.
>I am not convinced that what you are trying to do really makes sense,
>but then I dont know the full circumstances. Relying on focus changes
>can be very problematic - both for the user and for the code.
I am always open to improve my app to make more sense :-)

What the user needs is the following:

There are three edit fields on that particular form: starting time,
ending time and duration. Basically, I want the others get updated when
one of them changes (immediately after completing editing one of the
values, that is when the focus leaves the edit control).

This may sound as if one of them was redundant in the DB, or that
this could be easily done on the client, but that's not the case.

The update process is dependent on a lot of parameters (field-level
auth and constraints) which are all in the DB so the update machinery
is in an on update trigger. There are also case where a duration without
start and end time may exist, so none of the three fields are redundant.

The bottom line is that I was looking for an event like "OnFieldEditEnd",
but found no better one than OnExit. I overlooked TIB_Query.OnValidateField,
which is probably much better place to do this sort of thing as Andreas

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
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