Subject Re: [IBO] Post in TIB_Edit OnEnter/OnExit Events blocks input
Author TeamIBO
> Probably this setup is basically evil, so the question is generally:
> How to archieve that changes get posted (and results made visible)
> when user focuses another control.

If the suggestion by Andreas does not work as you want, perhaps you
could attach code to Screen.ActiveControlChange - since this occurs
AFTER the focus has actually changed and so may resolve the particular
problem you are experiencing.

I am not convinced that what you are trying to do really makes sense,
but then I dont know the full circumstances. Relying on focus changes
can be very problematic - both for the user and for the code.

It seems likely that you would need to use non-data-aware controls to
achieve exactly what you want.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing