Subject Re: [IBO] Post in TIB_Edit OnEnter/OnExit Events blocks input
Author TeamIBO
> There are three edit fields on that particular form: starting time,
> ending time and duration. Basically, I want the others get updated
> when one of them changes (immediately after completing editing one
> of the values, that is when the focus leaves the edit control).
> The update process is dependent on a lot of parameters (field-level
> auth and constraints) which are all in the DB so the update
> machinery is in an on update trigger. There are also case where a
> duration without start and end time may exist, so none of the three
> fields are redundant.

I think I begin to understand. I use something a bit similar for an
inhouse application that tracks my time working on various projects.

In my case the duration takes into account possible breaks in an
otherwise contiguous work period (always getting phone calls etc while
I am trying to work), and so it cannot be conveniently calculated at
the client as it must scan other records in the same time peroid.

However because it is inhouse I am quite content for the update to
happen when I hit the commit button - I dont need it to happen quite
so dynamically.

IMO the best solution for something of this dynamic nature would be to
use non-data-aware controls and a TIB_Cursor or similar in the
background (so you can take more explicit control over the timing).
However if you can it working the way you want so much the better.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing