Subject Re: [IBO] Post in TIB_Edit OnEnter/OnExit Events blocks input
Author Lukas Zeller
Hi again,

Answering my problem with PostRetaining in TIB_Edit.OnExit causing input
to be blocked after changing focus with the mouse,

At 15:29 +0100 10.2.2002, Andreas Pohl wrote:
>I would prefer TIB_Query.OnValidateField event. So you know which
>field was changed, you can validate and post changes and change
>other field values depending on changes of current one. Very handy
>and central maintainable.

At 11:02 +1100 11.2.2002, Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO) wrote:
>If the suggestion by Andreas does not work as you want, perhaps you
>could attach code to Screen.ActiveControlChange - since this occurs
>AFTER the focus has actually changed and so may resolve the particular
>problem you are experiencing.

Unfortunately, both suggestions don't work. I could however solve the
problem now
by setting a flag in the event handler, and installing an Application.OnIdle
routine which does test the flag and then calls PostRetaining.

Bottomline: don't call Post(Retaining) from within GUI event handlers; it
seems that the flow of internal events in IBO is not prepared to handle that

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
Synthesis AG, Sustainable Software Concepts