Subject Problem with TIBOTable
Author slsolutions2002

I have an application I am writing with D5. The application uses
TIBOTables for the reports. I must use TIBOTables or TIBOQuerys
since my report writer does not recognize the TIB_QUERY. I need to
use TIBOTables instead of TIBOuerys since I need the master/detail
relationship in the table and can't find this in the TIBOQuery. My
problem is this: I have a few lookup fields defined for the
TIBOTables. They work fine (display correctly on the report etc)
except I need to filter out lookup records with a blank description
field. IBO does not seem to handle this well. If I try to set up a
filer, I get an error message that says the Field (The lookup field)
does not exist. If I try to use the WHERE SQL of the table, I get
the same message. However, IBO allows me to define and use these
fields normally otherwise. If I could use the TIBQuery I could set
up a join which IBO seems to handle fine, however, since I can't I
must use lookup fields. Is there a way around this?

Also, I have a 2 TIBOQuerys on the form. When I select the form to
make it active (at design time), I get error messages on both querys
that say "Statement must have an IB_Connection assigned:
qrCostCategory, <No Name>." Both queries do have a connection or at
least I believe they do. When I select the connection property I see
my connection name in the combo box, however after selecting it the
property changes to <default>. Other than the error message when
activating the form the queries work fine. What could the problem be?