Subject Problem with cached updates
Author slsolutions2002

I am using IBO and Delphi 5. I have a table that has a master/detail
relationship with another table. The master table has a one-to-many
relationship with the detail table. There can be 50 records in the
detail table for each master record. I want to be able to click a
button, add the 50 records, then be able to edit any or all of the 50
records. Cached updates seemed perfect for this since after added,
editing, etc I can either applyupdates or cancelupdates and all
additions/changes can be handled at once.

When I click the add button the 50 records are added and appear in a
grid, ready for editing. This works fine. There are 2 fields in the
grid. A description (text) and a currency field. I have the
description field set to readonly. Again all works fine, the
description field can not be edited, as expected. However, if the
Esc key is pressed while the cursor is in the description field, the
readonly description dissapears. This only happens if I have the
cachedupdates property of the query set to true. If I set
cachedupdates to false, the readonly field acts correctly and does
not cause the Esc key to clear the field.

Can anyone help?