Subject Re: Problem with cached updates
Author slsolutions2002
More info on cachedupdates problem.

I thought maybe the problem was caused because I had not yet applied
the updates. So I applied the updates. The problem got worse. When
I brough the record back up on some records all of the descriptions
were cleared, on others the description fields were still there.
Then the problem got even worse. I have the description field
ordered. When I click on the grid title to order the column the
description field in all 50 records goes to blank. I then thought
that since the description field was readonly maybe that had some
connection. I changed the field to NOEDIT. The problem is gone.
All works fine. If I set the field back to READONLY, the problem
reappears. I suspect there is some strange bug with cachedupdates
and readonly fields.

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> Hello:
> I am using IBO and Delphi 5. I have a table that has a
> relationship with another table. The master table has a one-to-
> relationship with the detail table. There can be 50 records in the
> detail table for each master record. I want to be able to click a
> button, add the 50 records, then be able to edit any or all of the
> records. Cached updates seemed perfect for this since after added,
> editing, etc I can either applyupdates or cancelupdates and all
> additions/changes can be handled at once.
> When I click the add button the 50 records are added and appear in
> grid, ready for editing. This works fine. There are 2 fields in
> grid. A description (text) and a currency field. I have the
> description field set to readonly. Again all works fine, the
> description field can not be edited, as expected. However, if the
> Esc key is pressed while the cursor is in the description field,
> readonly description dissapears. This only happens if I have the
> cachedupdates property of the query set to true. If I set
> cachedupdates to false, the readonly field acts correctly and does
> not cause the Esc key to clear the field.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks