Subject Re: [IBO] HDR w/o incremental search??
Author Jason Wharton
An approach you could consider taking with them is, would they rather use
their eyes to sift data or type in easy and intuitive search criteria and
let the computer sift through the records. There is a hurdle that your users
need to get past and if you can somehow gently convince them to actually let
the computer do the work instead of their eyes they will have a much more
responsive application and their eyes won't be so tired at the end of the

You would do well to figure out a way to use HDR without JOINs.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Rationale: "Our clients like to be able to see everything." :)
> I have tried to get several major design deficiencies out of this app
> and the client has refused all suggestions. Ergo, not my problem any
> more.
> Thanks for the sympathy. :)
> Allen.
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> helebor@... says...
> > At 02:03 AM 14-10-02 -0700, you wrote:
> > Your real problem here appears to be your customer's requirement to open
> > the application with an ordered set of 90,000 records. What is the
> > rationale behind this, when
> >
> > select <all 90,000 records> takes a minute and a quarter, whereas
> >
> > select <a much smaller set>
> > where <parameterised very steep criteria>
> > will be sub-second?
> >
> > IOW, what you need to convince him is that, as long as your app provides
> > selectors for keys, he can retrieve any record he wants, faster than a
> > speeding bullet...well, at least quantumly faster than waiting for the
> > whole set and then scrolling through 90,000 records...
> >
> > You have my sympathy, if that helps at all...
> >
> > Helen