Subject HDR w/o incremental search??
Author G.Allen Casteran
Is the HDR only applicable to incremental searches?

If I have a query with multiple Left Outer Joins and the resulting Order
by uses fields from the joined tables, is there a way that HDR can help
improve the speed to get the first page of data for my grid?

Right now it is taking about 75 seconds to get a response in the
InfoPower grid after pulling together about 90K records in a query that
runs a sort on the server with all the resulting 90K rows before
anything is returned to the client.

As I understand it this is correct behavior and part of the performance
hit of doing an Order By on such a large result set. The joins are all
using indexes already.

I know that 90K records are a lot to bring into a grid and it is not my
design. The client is insistant about having to load all this into the

I fisrt moved a Where clause up into the Joins and that improved the
response from 5 minutes to 75 seconds, but it would be nice to get an
even faster response.

Any suggestions?