Subject Re: [IBO] HDR w/o incremental search??
Author Jason Wharton
My guess is your query is what is not functioning well.
When you are dealing with that many records you have to have a pretty
careful setup.
I don't know enough about your situation to iron out your wrinkles.
Using the SQL trace monitor would be a good starting point looking for
things that eat up your performance.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] HDR w/o incremental search??

> OK So it will not help me to get the initial bock of records needed for
> the grid without getting all 90K records from the server sort.
> I didn't think so, but based upon an e-mail that my client forwarded
> from you it almost sounded as if there was something I was missing.
> Thanks,
> Allen.
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> > No, HDR will operate along with all record navigations, Locate()
> > and bookmark seeks as well as incremental searching.
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