Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Getting Started Guide
Author Raymond Kennington
Marco Menardi wrote:
> --- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <raymondk@c...> wrote:
> > I have just finished processing the GSG.
> >
> > It was worth the cost.
> >
> > 32 hours to process it, test ideas, type up questions, read extra information in the IB
> > OBjects Help, run relevant demos, check relevant demo source, and type up questions,
> > comments and suggestions.
> Are your human, or a cyborg? ;))

Sigh. cyborg. ;) but one day I hope to become human.

> You are missing one fabolous source of help: read the previous list posts! There is a "search" field in
yahoo list. Doing so, you can find a lot of answers, like the one about IB_Cursor vs
> Don't forget the Online Faq too on

I assumed the "Getting Started Guide" was for getting started so I started there.

My questions have the dual purpose of helping me understand what has been written in
addition to providing feedback on the content so that clarifications, omissions and
improvements can be made.

I'll be reading all of the other posts in time. The Q. about IB_Cursor vs IB_Query is
stated where I've read it, but not explained.

> > As a result, I have over 100 questions and some suggestions. As references are made to
> > sections of the GSG, having it open is necessary for some questions and suggestions.
> For GSG suggestions or "bug report", you can e-mail directly to Helen Borrie, the author of the

Thanks. Next time.
> >
> > The answers to my questions and my suggestions could be used to enhance the guide and make
> > it more useful.
> Well, it's a Getting Starting Guide. Maybe there is a need of an Advanced Topic Guide. You know, a
200 pages, high detailed GSG would not be very useful... hope that guide will be write, we
need it. I've
collected tons of tips&tricks, and some "advanced answers", but there is a need of an
english speaker
"guru" for that.

First, I want to state quite clearly that I think it's a good guide --- but not perfect.

My questions have arisen because the GSG has many problems that make it difficult or
impossible for me to know what was intended. Sometimes they are mistakes, omissions,
ambiguous statements, assumptions about prior knowledge that I don't have, etc. As such,
the current text can be improved.

Raymond Kennington
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