Subject Re: [IBO] Using TIB_SessionProps to catch exceptions
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
Gerhardus Geldenhuis wrote:
> Jason Wharton wrote:
>>Are you also using a TIB_Session component? If so this will make things
>>align to the explicit session you have created instead of the default one
>>that the TIB_SessionProps component is designed to give you access to.
>>In short, don't use TIB_SessionProps and TIB_Session at the same time.
> I dont have a TIB_Session component anywhere in my project.
> Will the TIB_Session's onerror event do the same as the
> TIB_SessionProps's onerror event.

I just tried a TIB_Session component but it also does not catch the
exceptions. The exceptions I am trying to catch is primary key
exceptions so it should pass throught this component.

I again replaced it with a TIB_SessionProps.
My creation order is my database component and then the TIB_SessionProps
component and then the various datasources and tiboqueries.

Currently I think it would be easier to use the onpost and onedit events
for each component individualy. The only problem is the EDatabaseError
is very vague on what kind of error it is.