Subject Re: Getting Started Guide
Author Marco Menardi
--- In IBObjects@y..., Raymond Kennington <progsol@c...> wrote:
> I assumed the "Getting Started Guide" was for getting started so I started there.

Correct :))

> My questions have the dual purpose of helping me understand what has been written in
> addition to providing feedback on the content so that clarifications, omissions and
> improvements can be made.

Very well done

> First, I want to state quite clearly that I think it's a good guide --- but not perfect.
> My questions have arisen because the GSG has many problems that make it difficult or
> impossible for me to know what was intended. Sometimes they are mistakes, omissions,
> ambiguous statements, assumptions about prior knowledge that I don't have, etc. As such,
> the current text can be improved.

Yes, after some astonishment for the storm of your posts, I've got the conclusion that your posts can really help in improving GSG clarity and reduce ambiguity, and also has forced me to reconsider some use of IBO and try to understand it better. Well done :9
Marco Menardi