Subject TIBOTransactions
Author rodbracher

I have a form that has the task of importing 'export' files.
Since I want to write these to the GDB, then make some changes - all
or nothing - I thought this would be a good time to use an explicit

My TIBOQuerys point to the apps TIBODatabse. I then point
TIBOQUERY.IB_transaction to my TIBOTransaction (importTran).

importTran.IB_connection = TIBODatabase

I start my import event with importTran.startTransaction

When I set my TIBOQuerys to active I get - 'Invalid Transaction
Handle (expecting explicit transaction start) '

Anything I may have left out ?

I would have thought doing the above + importTran.applyUpdates([]) at
the end of it all is what I am aiming for.

Please advise if there is a better way about this.