Subject Re: [IBO] Re: GSG042. YES LIKE.
Author Geoff Worboys
> Now I've tried YES CASE and YES TRAILING but they seem to have no
> effect... urgh... this must be investigated...

YESCASE and YESTRAILING were introduced to allow special
contradiction of the TIB_Connection DefaultNoCase and
DefaultNoTrailing properties.

That is...

If DefaultNoCase/DefaultNoTrailing are false (the default values for
these properties on TIB_Connection) then you must explicitly define
NOCASE or NOTRAILING for each column where you want case
insensitivity or starting-with style searches.

Now imagine that you have an application where almost every text
column should be treated as case insensitive, and almost searches
should be treated as starting-with. You set the DefaultNoCase
and DefaultNoTrailing properties of TIB_Connection to true, and
all your text columns get treated as desired without needing to
add columnattributes for every field/domain.

So now, how do you handle those rare occurances where you want
case sensitivity or explicit searching? Use YESCASE and YESTRAILING
for the column attributes in those rare instances.

The latter case is how most of my apps work (so do let me know
if you discover this has stopped working as originally intended :-).


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing