Subject Re: GSG042. YES LIKE.
Author Marco Menardi
Sorry, in my previous post I was wrong!
If you want a "starting with" match, you have to flag the previous property "NO TRAILING" (note that this property is different than "YES TRAILING") (in a global way, you can set to true the IB_Connection "DefaultNoTrailing" property, as I do)
If you flag "YES LIKE" you will have a "containing" search
Now I've tried YES CASE and YES TRAILING but they seem to have no effect... urgh... this must be investigated...

Marco Menardi

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> When you will master the "search" mode, you will discover that often the exact match is not what you are looking for.
> If you want to have a "starting with" match, you have to set the YES LIKE. Remember that "starting with aa" is equivalent to "like aa%".
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> Marco Menardi