Subject TIB_LocateEdit bug ?
Author ymarcius
It occurs in an application of mine, and I checked that it also occurs
with the BlobInserts sample bundled with IBO.
Just make the following steps:
- Open the InMemFlt project in Samples\BlobInserts folder
- Make visible the Insert/Update/Delete buttons in the UpdateBar
- Run the app
- Play with the LocateEdit: everything works fine
- Delete a row
- Play with the LocateEdit: everything works fine
- Insert or update a row
- Play again with the LocateEdit: it doesn't work. It seems that now
the control is read-only. It won't work any more, even if you close
and reopen the dataset. You have to close the app and restart it.

In my app, after the LE has become readonly, if I put the datasource
in search mode (light blue) and then click the post button (to exec
the query), then the LocateEdit control begins to work again. But I
didn't find this behaviour in BlobInserts sample.

Another LocateEdit related question:
Is it supposed to be also used to show/edit the underlying field
value, like an ordinary IB_Edit control ?

Thanks for attention,