Subject Re: [IBO] I need to use temp tables
Author TeamIBO
> I have some quiestions about this:
> - Creating new table is the correct way of doing it?

I really dont think so. If you want to do it at the server then setup
a table that is indexed with the user name in one of the fields (or
perhaps some sort of session identifier), so you can keep the table
permanently in place and just delete the user/session records when

You may be better investigating client-side options. Perhaps
TClientDataset stuff (I dont know that much about it), or even dBase
or Paradox files locally.

> - The fact of creating-dromping tables will de-optimize the database
> too much?

Playing with metadata "on-the-fly" is dangerous IMO. There are many
issues and too much chance of ending up with a corrupt database.
Avoid it if possible. If you want a second opinion ask on the
IB_Support list.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing