Subject Re: [IBO] master - notebookpage detail
Author TeamIBO
> I'd like to make a form which will show a master/detail
> relationship. De detail side of this view however has to show a
> notebook page for every detail row found (not much detail rows
> expected...).

> I'll use TIB_QUERY.

> Can someone give my a clue on how to program such a thing?

Is there a fixed number detail items?
For example; one detail for each day of the week.
In such instances it would be possible to setup parameterised detail
datasets at designtime so that there is one for each of the fixed
detail records. And then simply setup page for each.

If you have some fixed maximum number of different detail records you
could setup something similar to the above, but maintain the
parameters via the MainDataset AfterScroll event by setting up a
TIB_Cursor that is detail to the main dataset and scanning through the
matched records to set parameters on each of the datasets (and
hiding/showing pages as required).

If all the detail records can be displayed on the panel (have exactly
the same data) then what I would do is cheat :-) I would not use tab
pages at all, but a TIB_Grid with only one column showing. So the tabs
would not line up along the top, they would line up along the side,
but I dont see that that matters and its HEAPS easier.

If you want the grid to look like tabs along the edge of the page
simply turn off the grid border and the title and border columns and
take over paint of column cells.

Other other options would need much more information and more work on
my part to try and explain - and I dont have time for that, I have
paid work to do.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing