Subject Join/InsertSQL & MasterSource/MasterLinks (Whew!)
Author ehandbury

(BCB4/IBO4.2Fd/Firebird Beta 2)

I have 3 tables:
CONTACT (contains all phone#s, email address/etc. of a PERSON)

In a form to insert AGENT information, I have a join on AGENT/PERSON
which requires a InsertSQL statement to insert a new agent. This
InsertSQL is a stored procedure which uses a generator to create a new
On the same form is a grid which allows the user to add all the
contact information for that particular agent.
(MasterSource/MasterLinks with PERSON).

The problem is that the TIB_UpdateBar does not allow the user to
insert contact#s in CONTACT until after the InsertSQL stored procedure
is run which creates the new PERSON record which the CONTACT is
dependent on (MasterSource/MasterLinks).

What I want is for the user to click on the AGENT TIB_UpdateBar to
add a AGENT, and the insert button on the CONTACT UpdateBar is then
enabled, so the user can enter the AGENT/PERSON information and all
the CONTACT information.
But what I have to do is insert the AGENT (which updates the AGENT
and PERSON tables), go out of the form, come back into the form, and
the insert button of CONTACT is now on.

Is there a way of doing this? TIA, Eric.

(God, I hope I've explained myself OK.)