Subject Re: [IBO] Join/InsertSQL & MasterSource/MasterLinks (Whew!)
Author TeamIBO
> In a form to insert AGENT information, I have a join on AGENT/PERSON
> which requires a InsertSQL statement to insert a new agent. This
> InsertSQL is a stored procedure which uses a generator to create a

Does IBO have any way of knowing what the resulting primary key will
be on the record created by the InsertSQL statement?

If not then IBO has no way to refresh/read the resulting record. It
works when you come back into the form because the record is read as
part of the select - and so the primary key is now known.

Without knowing the details of your InsertSQL it is a bit difficult to
be sure, but you need to duplicate what would normally be done on a
standard table - that is...

Setup GeneratorLinks so that...

Then have your InsertSQL accept and use the
Generated_Primary_Key_Field as an input parameter. Inside your
InsertSQL you would have something like...

if (Generated_Primary_Key_Field IS NULL) then
Generated_Primary_Key_Field = GEN_ID(GENERATOR_NAME,1);

just like you normally have in insert triggers.

So when you hit insert on the form, IBO will read the generator to
assign a value to the Generated_Primary_Key_Field and when the
InsertSQL is called your code will not create another. This way IBO
knows what the primary key is and can refresh the record after insert.

I hope this makes sense.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing