Subject Re: [IBO] Automatic abort
Author TeamIBO
> There might be a number of detail dataset being refreshed everythime
> the master cursor is moved, for eg in a grid. The delay is annoying
> when scrolling the grid(dataset). In my original question I was
> referring to the time between successive keystrokes being used to
> determine if the detail datasets should be refreshed, making
> scrolling a lot quicker.

I see what you mean - and of course standard lookupcombos can also
introduce additional overheads (lookupenh uses a "LookupDeactivation"
property to avoid needing to resync lookup datasets when not

There is nothing automatic setup but you could implement your own
timer based mechanism to manage this - using the DisableControls and
EnableControls methods of TIB_DataSource.

Not sure about the practicalities but a bit of experimentation may let
you see how well it can work.

In my own application I have many of the child datasets closed, they
are only opened when the tabsheet showing those details has been
displayed. On complex forms where such performance impacts can be a
problem I find that users dont visit all the pages very often and so
performance impacts are kept acceptable.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing