Subject RE: [IBO] Automatic abort
Author Dion

There might be a number of detail dataset being refreshed everythime the
master cursor is moved, for eg in a grid. The delay is annoying when
scrolling the grid(dataset). In my original question I was referring to the
time between successive keystrokes being used to determine if the detail
datasets should be refreshed, making scrolling a lot quicker.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Automatic abort

> Is there a build in setting which will only process a keystoke after
> a certain amount of time eg if I am scrolling a grid, and I want to
> do this rapidly, if I press the down arrow key in succession within
> this time the keystroke is aborted, or must I write the code?

Not sure if I understand exactly what you are getting at here. You
may get the effect that you want by setting CallBackInc to -1 in the
dataset attached to the grid.

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