Subject Re: [IBO] Understanding the IB_MonitorDialog Output
Author pmagor2001
> >And it is still slow does it need to be specified as descending?
> >(I am currently under the impression that descending is the
> No, ascending is the default. If your want to offer a descending
search order as an option, you need to support it by adding the same
index in descending order.
> Also, in IB, it is worthwhile experimenting with indexing individual
columns, rather than creating a number of composite indexes. The IB
can use multiple indexes on *different* columns intelligently, whereas
it can sometimes ignore indexes where the same column is involved in a
variety of indexes of the same ordinality...if Trans_ID is your
primary key here, then an ascending index is already available. You
might find you get similar or better performance without the composite
> regards,
> Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

Thanks for your reply's Helen and Jason your tips and advice have been
most helpful.

Peter Magor