Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup List
Author TeamIBO
> 1/ PARTNO field is upper case only, it's set in the query,
> but I can't seem to switch the Lookup to switch entry to
> upper case. Caps lock works but should not be necessary ( I
> hate going to machines that have Caps Lock ON ), so is it
> the only way?

Depends what you want. If you only want the search to be case
insensitive then...


If you want the control to always input in upper case then...


> 2/ My IB_ComboBox's are too big. The IB_LookupCombo drops nicely
> into the grid, but the others do not allow me to change the size to
> fit the grid ( height ). Anything that can be done?

Its a Windows API issue. Either accept it or use TIB_ComboBoxEnh
which is not derived from the Windows API combo.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing