Subject Re: [IBO] Lookup List
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 11:21 AM 15-01-02 +0000, lester@... wrote:
>OK I've got a clean, clean pair of queries, and the Lookup
>works nicely - I think I still had some dross in the
>components I was using.
>This is the first time I had seen the Incremental Searching
>working there - When WAS it added????

Hmm, it was there when I wrote the first GSG in May-July 2000...

>I've set this all up on a new tab, that only appears when
>allowed ( Usual problem with grid going missing if opened in
>the OnShow event ! Corrected by opening query before
>selecting the tab )
>So we are down to esthetics now.
>1/ PARTNO field is upper case only, it's set in the query,

Which query? and do you mean you are selecting UPPER(PARTNO) in the query, or you have set the CHARCASE property to UPPER? if the latter (in either the query that's doing the lookup or in the lookup query itself), this is only a display attribute. If you want the data to be in upper case, you will need to fetch it in upper case.

>but I can't seem to switch the Lookup to switch entry to
>upper case. Caps lock works but should not be necessary ( I
>hate going to machines that have Caps Lock ON ), so is it
>the only way?

I can't imagine how setting Caps lock would affect what gets written from one dataset to another. Looks as if I'm not visualising very well here.

>2/ My IB_ComboBox's are too big. The IB_LookupCombo drops
>nicely into the grid, but the others do not allow me to
>change the size to fit the grid ( height ). Anything that
>can be done?

Yes, set FieldsDisplayWidth of the list columns so that their total width is equal to the FieldsDisplayWidth of the column you want it to match up with. If the grid is resizeable, you'll need to do this in code.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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