Subject Re: Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection
Author gigmbh
> IBO should not override it if you have it at its default
> setting. I probably need to look into the code and see what is
> going on. There could be an issue in there.

I have already done that.
Take a look at line 1174 in IBA_COnnection.IMP.

if FConnectedSQLRoleName <> '' then
BuildDPB( bufptr, buffer, isc_dpb_sql_role_name,
FConnectedSQLRoleName );
BuildDPB( bufptr, buffer, isc_dpb_num_buffers, Chr( Buffers ));

There is no condition for building isc_dpb_num_buffers DPB.
As 0 (zero) is no valid parameter, how about using it to
specify "use the default" ??