Subject Fieldname not found error (again)
Author Daniel Rail

I posted this error a few days ago and did get some replies and tried
everything and I'm still getting this error. I was using the incremental
search component from IBO with TIB_Query, now I'm using my own edit box and
a button to do the search. I'm using a separate TIB_Cursor to locate the
record by using certain criteria via a parameterized query. But, the error
occurs when I do a TIB_Query.Locate. The call stack is quite lengthy after
that method is called.

The error is:
Exception 'EIB_StatementError' in module Filopto.exe at 00245909
FieldName: LASTNAME not found.

The only problem that I have with this is that the field is visible in
TIB_Grid and the TIB_Query.Locate is on the TIB_Query that is the
datasource of the TIB_Grid. The LASTNAME field is the sort order for the
grid. And, in the Locate method I'm using CLIENTNO.

Do keep in mind that I was getting this error when using TIB_IncSearch on
LASTNAME instead of all the programming that I've recently done to see if
it wasn't that component that was at fault.

This is pretty important to me to get this error fixed, because it's
occurring in an application that is on the market and actual clients are
using it(not all are reporting the error). I didn't get the error until I
made the last changes and I'm getting this error constantly.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Group Inc. (
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (