Subject Re: [IBO] Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection
Author Jason Wharton
I see this as a problem in my component doing something that it shouldn't be

I am removing this property from the connection component. It has no
relevant purpose when you can make this setting at the database level. This
is better considered an admin function rather than an application function.

Thanks for bringing attention to this problem.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection

> How is it possible to establish a connection to a database and use
> the default number of chache buffers which was set on server or
> database level ?
> I found out that when establishing a connection via isql without
> explicity specifying a chche size the default for the databse or
> server is used (currently 2048) but whenever I use TIB_Connection the
> default is overwritten by 75 (the default of the component).
> Setting this value to smth. like 2048 is not possible because it is
> limited to 255.
> Did I mixup anything here ?
> Thank's.
> Regards,
> Frank.