Subject Re: [IBO] Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection
Author Jason Wharton
IBO should not override it if you have it at its default setting. I probably
need to look into the code and see what is going on. There could be an issue
in there.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Property Buffer Of TIB_Connection

> How is it possible to establish a connection to a database and use
> the default number of chache buffers which was set on server or
> database level ?
> I found out that when establishing a connection via isql without
> explicity specifying a chche size the default for the databse or
> server is used (currently 2048) but whenever I use TIB_Connection the
> default is overwritten by 75 (the default of the component).
> Setting this value to smth. like 2048 is not possible because it is
> limited to 255.
> Did I mixup anything here ?
> Thank's.
> Regards,
> Frank.