Subject Questions about new project and IBO
Author Damian Dowling
Hi all,

This might be slightly OT but it is about IBO as well.

I am just about to start another project with IBO (YES!) and the design
allows for one of two routes to be taken and i want to find out which is
best with IBO.

Route A.
There is a main MDI program and a lot of packages containing the Child
Forms which are dynamically loaded at runtime - This i have done before
with IBO and although this project is bigger i do not expect any problems.

Route B.
Again there is a main MDI program, but this time it has an embedded Form
Designer which the end user/developer will use to create the Child Forms
the form structure and scrips are held in the database.

My questions are:

With Route A has anyone encountered problems with IBO v4 and lots of
packages e.g. 100+ (In the last project i used v3)?

With Route B - has anyone tried this with IBO components? If so what
problems did your encounter, if any?

I have tested Dream Designer and it works well, but i need the designer to
be all on one form, and i have had problems getting Dream Designer to do
this. Can anyone suggest an alternative?


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