Subject Re: [IBO] Last edited by...
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> Delegating this recording to one logging table is one option, as suggested
by Thomas S. You sometimes have other potential application requirements
that make this a very elegant approach, too. (Thomas, if IBLogManager
doesn't use triggers, I'd be very interested in getting a process
description for the FAQ...)

the logging mechanism is integrated within the database using triggers. IMHO
a very reliable solution, if you have a
easy to use GUI like IBLogManager to maintain these logging definitions.
Otherwise this would be a nightmare working
on large databases with many tables and columns. And in fact that the
logging mechanism is integrated in the database,
there is no coding in the client application necessary. So it makes no
difference where data changes come from, either
from the end user application or a third party application like IB_SQL,
IBConsole, ...

Thomas Steinmaurer